All Ears

A vaguely pastel goth coord from 2013!

I attended the 8th Philippine Toy Con at SM Megamall with my friend Jean last December 14 for some last minute Christmas shopping.


I realize now that this is kiiind of a bad photo. Oops.

Oh well, you can still see the clothes, though not in spectacular quality.

My peg for the day was “tumblr Twyla,” which was a sort of pastel goth and Monster High fusion. I honestly wanted to cosplay as Twyla for that day, but alas, I didn’t have the funds or the time to prepare the costume. There’s always next year I suppose!

Jean went bohemian chic, a sort of fashionable hippie? Though she eerily resembled a humanized Viperine.


See what I mean?

Even the guy at the Monster High booth thought so!

Anyway, on to my outfit!

The mint wig was essential, as it was totally Twyla. As I’ve mentioned before I love mint, and I had this wig for ages and ages and i’m just so glad to be able to put it to good use now!

Aside from my fave minty wig, I knew for sure that I wanted to wear my favorite beanie. I’ve been lusting after said beanie for months, but I bided my time until it was on sale (it was well worth the wait, I have it in blue and black teehee). I thought it would make up for the lack of indigo streaks in my mint wig.

I’m a bit annoyed you can’t really see it, but my over-sized blue sweater sparkles. it sparkles!

It also isn’t all that noticeable, but i’m wearing a detachable mint-and-purple collar. I bought it second hand from one of my favorite fashion bloggers: Camille Co! It was such a great deal, a detachable and reversible collar at only 50php! Woo.


These booty shorts are actually ancient. I had them made years ago for my zombie!Stocking cosplay, but I didn’t wear them back them because they were too tight. And made of pleather.
It’s amazing to see that almost four years later they finally fit me!

I am absolutely obsessed with galaxy prints. I think I have around four pairs of galaxy leggings already, haha! These are my favorite pair.

The socks… I’ve actually had them forever. I think they used to be my mother’s, but she never wore them because of the color. Her loss I’m sure! I chose pink for an unexpected pop of color a midst all the blues, purples, mints, and blacks in my  ensemble. As for the shoes, I am extremely proud of them. I bought them at a local thrift store for only 250php! A major steal considering it’s an international brand.


I threw this outfit together just the night before and I’m very fond of it. Really pissed at myself for not getting any decent and closeup shots though, ugh.


A local community and shop actually liked my outfit enough to take a photo! They even gave me a copy. Definitely one of the highlights of my day. Thanks Kawaii PH!

I’ll most probably wear this outfit again – though minus the wig – so I can get better photos. As soon as a suitable event presents itself, haha.


(Hello there icon! Jean actually took this one after we had lunch at Teriyaki Boy)

Mint wig | Online

Cat-eared beanie | Terranova

Heart-shaped pink glasses | Australian dollar store

Black lipstick | Wet n Wild

Detachable collar | Bloggers United 2013 bazaar, Camille Co’s stall

Dark blue sweater | Route 66

Pleather booty shorts with built-in suspenders | Custom-made

Galaxy Leggings | Kirin Kirin

Socks | Giordano Sports

Shoes  | T. U. K. 


2 thoughts on “All Ears

  1. Swell guy that Guy at Monster High Booth! And I can imagine that we’re both equally pissed off at ourselves for not choosing to be vain that day. .____. What could have been wrong with us lels.

    Following you now, bb~! \o/

    • I know right!

      For shame, for shame.

      ..though maybe it was because we were both sick?

      Next time though, we’ll be so vain we’ll give Narcissus a run for his money! Flower. Whatever. Hah.

      Thanks Jean! ❤

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